Phoenix Athletics and Triathlon club


The general rule of these runs is to cater for all abilities. No one should be left to run on their own. If sub-groups form they should comprise at least two runners. That applies to all groups including lead runners. Otherwise check behind and if someone is off the pace then either wait or double back and allow the group to reform. Please print out the relevant map as not all those attending may be familiar with the route.


If you need any further information contact:



Distance 7-8M
The three summer meeting places all give access to downland routes:

D1/D2 Junction of Valley drive/Dyke Road Avenue. We park and gather in Whitehorne Drive.

A1/A2/A3 Hollingbury Asda BN1 8AS. Go into the car park from Crowhurst Road to park and gather at the Petrol station end of the car park.

F1/F2/F3/F4 The Swan Inn, Middle Street Falmer BN1 9PD. Park and gather outside the Inn.


DATE                 ROUTE              CONTACT

5 July                  D1                     Donald Maclellan         

12 July                A2                     Jon wright

19 July                F1                     Lance Bellers

26 July Special     Big W                 Liz Halliday

2 August              A3                     Andrew Haig

9 August              F2                     Phil hampshire

16 August            D2                     Amelia Culshaw 

23 August            A1                     Malcolm Kemp

30 August            F3                      Phil Grabsky

6 Sept                 D1                      Erica Martin

13 Sept               A2                      Andy Bone

20 Sept                F4                     Jim Whitelegg